I’m a gameplay developer currently located in Stockholm, Sweden. I’ve experience programming gameplay for PC, console, and mobile titles.


Starbreeze Studios, July 2016 - Present

Gameplay Programmer
Stockholm, Sweden

  • Writing major user-facing and backend gameplay systems
  • Refactoring and cleaning up of code to run at target performance on low end computer systems
  • Creating and updating internal tools such as level editors and Steam Economy item editors
  • Organizing programming team tasks and delegating them to other programmers
  • Mentoring new programmers on the specifics of the custom engine used and easing them into the code-base
The Voxel Agents, Sept. 2013 - June 2016

Gameplay Programmer
Melbourne, Australia

  • Writing major gameplay systems in C# using Unity
  • Creating custom tools for the Unity Editor for designers and artists
  • Working with designers to implement new gameplay systems and create data-driven gameplay components
  • Working with artists to integrate new art assets into scenes and gameplay systems
  • Rapid prototyping of backend and user-facing systems
  • Refactoring and optimizing gameplay code to run at specific frame-rate targets on mobile devices
  • Reviewing and checking code in with, and for, other programmers for integration into the project repository
  • QA test gameplay systems in the Unity Editor, and on live devices
  • Attending team standups, meetings, brainstorming sessions, design, and feedback meetings
  • Exhibiting games for players and press at PAX Australia

Shipped Titles

  • RAID: World War 2, co-op first person shooter for PC and console, provided publisher-side support
  • PAYDAY 2, co-op heisting first person shooter for PC and console
  • Train Conductor World, train traversal action game for mobile
  • ToyMania, high speed color matching game for mobile

Personal Projects