ToyMania is a score-attack match-3 action game designed for iOS, Android, and Facebook platforms. The aim of the game is to slide the rows and columns of coloured tiles on the game board to bring all the tiles of one colour together to form a toy, and bank points based on how many tiles where in the group.

I was initially hired by the The Voxel Agents to work on ToyMania as a programmer, and was brought onto the project half way through its development. From there, I helped build the tutorial, boost, and frenzy-scoring systems, as well as test the game and fix bugs before the end of each sprint.

The game was designed to support cross-platform leaderboards for friends to compete against each others scores in a weekly tournament. Unity was used for the games development, and Facebook‘s SDK and API allowed players to interact with each other across platforms. Google App Engine was used to power the leaderboards, and the cloud storage for player’s save data, and Applicasa was used to handle the in-app purchases for coin- and booster- packs.

Unfortunately, ToyMania is no longer available for download.


Genre: Match-3, Puzzle, Action, Score-attack
Engine: Unity
Platforms: iOS, Android, Facebook
APIs: Facebook, Google App Engine, Applicasa