Payday Mods is the website created by my friend Timothy Clissold and I to host and manage the online mod manager and API utilized by the Payday 2 BLT. It also allows players to easily find and download mods for their game that are compatible with the Payday 2 BLT, as all mods on the website are integrated with the automatic update system.


Note: the PaydayMods site has been shut down as of February 1st 2020.

PaydayMods is the website front-end of, it’s main purpose is to act as a download for the Payday 2 BLT, and to allow users to easily find and download BLT-compatible mods. It also has a lightweight blogging platform on the front-page of the site which is used for posting important news when necessary. Each mod uploaded to the Mod Manager is automatically assigned a mod page if they so desire, which can be designed using markdown to create a unique download page for the mod. Each mod page is also automatically given a disqus comments section for players to ask questions and post about the mod.

Mod Manager

The Mod Manager is the part of the website which users are required to register for to access. Mods can be created by users once they are given an account, and new versions and releases of these mods can be uploaded at any time. Mod releases are automatically pushed to all players once they are uploaded, with an included patch notes list if they so choose.

Administration tools exist for keeping an eye on what mods users are uploading to ensure blatant cheats are not allowed on the system. They also exist to allow admins to publish news articles if they so choose.


Framework: CodeIgniter
Languages: PHP, JavaScript, MySQL
Collaborators: Timothy Clissold
Launched: April 1st 2015
Closed: February 1st 2020