PAYDAY 2 is a first-person shooter co-op heisting game. I came onto the project after it had released to help create new updates and DLCs, help run update events and content updates, and ensure programming-site work is all complete on time and tested thoroughly.

I’ve been responsible for too many gameplay features to properly list due to the constantly updating nature of Payday 2, but I was heavily involved in nearly every feature requiring programming for every update between July 2016 and November 2017. These have ranged from smaller updates such as UI changes, to new gamemodes, and complete networking rewrites.


On top of the programming gameplay features for the game, I was also involved in keeping the custom level editor for the game up to date and implementing new quality-of-life improvements for the level design team, implementing tools for the art team, and implementing requests from the tech-art team, among other general requests too.


I also traveled to Melbourne, Australia for Paydaycon 2016 as part of the dev team to speak to fans of the game!


Languages: C++, Lua
Game: PAYDAY 2
Website: Overkill Software