Hi, I’m James Wilkinson, a British and Australian citizen currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m a gameplay programmer and hobbyist designer, I’ve been making games professionally since 2013, but I’ve been designing and programming games for years beforehand. Previously I lived in Melbourne, Australia.

I got into making games with making maps for other games like Counter-Strike: Source, before moving onto Garry’s Mod and creating custom gamemodes for servers. Since then I’ve developed my skills further to be able to move into programming games for my career. Even though I make games full time now, I still do a lot of game modding, and work on lots of my own personal projects.

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Starbreeze Studios / OVERKILL Software (July 2016 - Present)

The Voxel Agents (Sept. 2013 - June 2016)

Mods, and Personal Projects