Legionaries is a Dota 2 mod designed to be played by even teams, with 1 to 5 people per team. The aim of Legionaries is to build a legion of units to defend your team’s king against increasingly difficult waves of enemies. It is a strategy game based around unit positioning, careful planning, unit diversity, and team work.

Legionaries, and its accompanying tools, are open-source and you can find the source-code on GitHub.


Legionaries involves placing units on a grid to defend against waves of enemies that become increasingly powerful as the game goes on. Throughout a game of Legionaries, players must choose carefully about how they spend their money during the downtime between waves. Players can spend money on new units, increasing their legion’s power and capability to defend against each wave of units. They can spend money on upgrading their team’s king, to raise the survivability of them in case a teammate “leaks” their wave; they can spend money upgrading their miners to bring in more resources at a faster rate, or they can spend it on being aggressive to the enemy team by bolstering the enemies waves with powerful mercenary units.

Players start by picking a Commander to use for the beginning of the game. Each Commander’s legion contains six units, who all have individual stats, abilities, and upgrades, to ensure that no two legions are alike. Over time, players must swap their legion’s Commander to diversify their legion to ensure that their units are capable of adapting to all situations that the enemy waves will throw at them, and provide their existing units with powerful new buffs which were inaccessible to them before.

More Info

More information on how Legionaries is made is available in the post, Legionaries Data and Google Docs.


Languages: Lua, Javascript, C# (Tools)
Game: Dota 2
Source (Mod): GitHub
Source (Tools): GitHub